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Its been quite a century and we are ready to celebrate!

Friday, September 9th

Rededication Cermony at 6pm
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Saturday, September 10th

Mini Night Golf | 7:30-10:30pm | Adults $10, Kids $8

Sunday, September 11th

Kids 50% OFF Mini Golf ALL DAY!
Low Score Golf Contest | Turn in your scorecard on Sunday for a chance to win free entry into the Mini Golf Championship on Saturday, October 8th. 


Lucky golfers purchasing every 100th bucket receives a FREE 5 bucket pass. 
FREE Insruction Saturday and Sunday
- Free lessons at the top of each hour from 12-5pm
- Junior clinics at 12pm & 4pm
- Discounts on all 30 minute lessons

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A Rich History

As we prepare to turn the big 100, we decided to take a look back at how golf at Diversey has evolved in past century. When the facility was first built in 1916, it looked drastically different than the Diversey we know today. Diversey started as a 9 Hole course, much like the present day Sydney Marovitz. The ideal location made the course very popular with locals, much like it still is today. A few years after the course initially opened, there was even a discussion about expanding the course to a full 18 hole course. The proposal would have expanded the course to the other side of present day Lake Shore Drive, and would have taken up all of the shoreline from Diversey to Belmont. Eventually, the course became downsized due to a growing surrounding community, and road construction that took place in order to accommodate the popularity of the north side neighborhoods.  

Diversey is still as popular as it was back when it opened in 1916. Our convenient location has given us an amazing opportunity to be the practice center for thousands of Chicago golfers living in the city. We are thrilled to be celebrating 100 years of golf and look forward to bringing 100 more years of golf to the local community.

Diversey Golf Course 1931
Celebrating 100 years of golf at Diversey driving range in Chicago, Illinois
Celebrating 100 years of golf at Diversey driving range in Chicago, Illinois
100 years of golf at Diversey Driving Range in Chicago, Illinpois
100 years of golf at Diversey Driving Range in Chicago, Illinpois

Images above courtesy of the Lake View Historical Chronicles and the Chicago Tribune Archives. 

FREE Instruction

Saturday September 10

12:00   Practice does not make Perfect  - How to get more out of your practice sessions // John McCartin,  PGA Director of Instruction      

1:00         Aimpoint - The science of green reading   // John McCartin,  PGA Director of Instruction                                                                               

2:00         How to effectively use the ground to hit better shots  // Lloyd Higley, Teaching Professional                        

3:00         What is the low point and how can it improve my contact  //  Lloyd Higley, Teaching Professional                                                                                   

4:00         Developing a pre Shot Routine  // Scott Sadler, PGA Teaching Professional               

5:00         Putting Etiquette  // Scott Sadler, PGA Teaching Professional                                                                    

Sunday September 11

12:00       Sand Wedge – The Versatile Club //  Pat Dorgan, PGA Teaching Professional                  

1:00         Driver – How to Hit It Deep!  //  Pat Dorgan, PGA Teaching Professional                                                                                   

2:00         Developing Consistent Set Up Fundamentals  //  Don Morris, PGA Teaching Professional                  

3:00         Putting Fundamentals and how to improve them  // Don Morris, PGA Teaching Professional                                                                                  

4:00        Contact – The Moment of Truth  // Chris Otis, Teaching Professional                              

5:00        Simple tips for hitting better shots // Chris Otis, Teaching Professional