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Practice? We talkin' 'bout Practice?

We are not all Allen Iverson (fortunately or unfortunately depending on your perspective).  We cannot all disregard practice as an unnecessary waste of time.  If we want to get better every time we step out on the golf course (make sure that golf course is Sydney R. Marovitz by the way) practice is a necessity.     But there is a difference between hitting a large bucket of golf balls and practicing.  Here are some tips to make your next visit to Diversey Driving Range a productive one:

  • Take your time.  It’s not a race to see who can duck hook (I call mine a power draw) the most golf balls the quickest.  Concentrate on each shot and think about the last shot.  Evaluate what went well and what you need to improve before the next shot.

  • Stay loose.  I see players get in a rut where they hit balls so quickly they tense up and start gripping the golf club so hard I think their knuckles will turn permanently white.  Relax. Breathe. Hit.

  • Mix it up.  Unless you're Roy McAvoy in Tin Cup there will NEVER be a scenario on a golf course which requires you to hit 27 shots with a 7 iron in row.  So don’t practice that scenario.  Hit a driver, then a 7 iron, then a wedge.  Play the golf course in your mind.

  • Have fun.  No matter what, it’s not a job (unless your last name is Speith) so don’t treat it like one.  Hit a bad one?  Cool, that’s why we sell golf balls by the hundred, hit another one.